White Wonderland - Tuesday December 31st, 2013


The White Party Experience: It's all about YOU.

The third annual White Wonderland, Insomniac's New Year's Eve gala, has established itself as America's first and finest exclusively electronic dance music white party. A 'white party' is a themed event that requires all attendees contribute to the aesthetic of the night by dressing from head to toe in white, representing a clean slate and fresh start to the new year. We encourage you to be creative with your attire to help create an incredible White Wonderland atmosphere.

Those who are not dressed according to the white dress code will be turned away. All attendees' attire will be checked at the door for entry. There will be additional, although limited, white clothing on sale before the entrance if you do need meet our requirements. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and you won't regret having participated in such a magical environment.

Tips for Dressing Up

Tips for Dressing Up

  • White Attire: Plain white collared shirts, T-shirts, dresses, tops, suits, blazers, ties
  • Pants/Shorts: White pants, shorts or leggings/tights
  • Silver & Gold Accents: Great! But outfit should be predominantly white.
  • Shoes: Try your best to wear white or light colored shoes.
  • Accessories/Jewelry: Watches, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry items should be white, glitter, sparkles, but may incorporate other colors so long as white is the most prominent color of the entire outfit.


White Wonderland will feature a glittering, sparkling while entourage of theatrical performers including twisting aerialists, towering stilt walkers, and dramatic dancers to enhance the experience. Of course, we also have some top secret surprises up our sleeve for our third annual New Year's Eve celebration!

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White Wonderland 2013 Official Trailer